[Shenzhen Bay Technology and Ecology City] Design Results of b-TEC





Entrusted by the Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Center for Design developed the master plan for Shenzhen Bay Technology and Ecology City (b-TEC) in collaboration with Shenzhen Instutite of Building Research Co., Ltd. (IBR). The final design adopted the strategy of Multiple Ground City, including three layers of public and semi-public spaces of Streets and Squares Ground, Web Garden Ground, and Hanging Garden Ground. The plan was based on the status quo of Shenzhen which was a scarcity and scattered distribution of land resources for development, and aimed to deal with issues Chinese metropolitans are facing in urban development: waste of land resources, lack of human scale spaces, traffic jam and lack of bicycle lanes and sidewalks. It was hoped that this project would set a good example for urban developments in China.