[Research of Xinqiang Community] News Reports: Approaching Xinqiang—Observation on Planning Transformation of a Marginal Community in Shenzhen





Perhaps out of geopolitical reasons, Xinqiang Community has been left behind the explosive development of Shenzhen in the past 30s years. Its poverty and underdeveloped condition can be fully demonstrated by problems like much slower development in various aspects, a severe shortage of infrastructures and a high proportion of low-income households reaching 1/3 of the total. From the point of urban planning, the difficulties of Xinqiang are more than these. The first is the complexity of the land situation, i.e. the unclear range of lands excluded from expropriation, extremely intricate ownership and usage of compensated land, unplanned land, publicized unsold land, controversial land, land with ground attachments compensated and capital farmland and other tricky problems. What's more, almost 90% of the land in the Community has been included in the essential area of protecting ecology, which means development space is rather limited.