[Lezhu Castle] Record of Workshop on Spatial Diversity and Commonality of kindergarten Ⅰ





On the afternoon of May 7, the first session of the workshop on the “Spatial Diversity and Commonality of Kindergartens” was held on the 2nd floor of the Sculpture Academy. The event brought together representatives from 12 design firms, principles from 12 kindergartens involved, 2 experts (Feng Guochuan, deputy chief architect of Zhubo Design Group, and Zhu Xiongyi, senior design director of CCDI Dongxiying Studio), and the Bureau of Public Works, construction unit of the project. Also seen as a sharing session for designers, this workshop enabled designers to find out the problems of kindergartens, and to propose solutions that combine the needs of users. Many of the reports from the design firms were innovative and enlightening, well warming up for the next workshop and follow-up competitions.