[The Last Mile] Record of Research Workshop





In Shenzhen, a city advocates the transition from “urban speed” to “urban quality”, the fast-developing rail transit system has brought great convenience to people’s traveling and has been an important way of transportation. While providing city dwellers with fast, convenient and environmentally-friendly transportation services, the rail transit system has been severely limited in use because of the difficulty of connection between the metro and other means of public transport and the “difficulty of arriving” between metro stations and offices or residences. In light of this, the Aformal Acadamy of UABB and the FuturePlus have invited two professors from the School of Architecture, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and Jason Hilgefort, dean of the Aformal Academy, to jointly lead the workshop with participants from the Shenzhen Center for Design. Solutions to the “last mile” problems of urban traffic have been discussed from perspectives of city public transport, slow traffic system and public space.


Last Mile