Explore New Mode for Urban Renewal: Take Comprehensive Regulation Project of Jiaochangwei B&B as an Example




Urban renewal is a necessary and planned reconstruction of urban areas that are no longer adapted to modern cities through re-development, improvement and protection. However, in some areas embodied in special cultural environments, the phenomenon of spontaneous public participation in transformation has arisen. When facing such situation, how should we guide and set a norm for the public? What kind of force will be produced during the multi-participation transformation process? In today’s Cool Chat, we invited participants (including those from Dapeng New District Government, Municipal Renewal Office, the planning and design companies, villagers, operators, media workers, etc.) from the Comprehensive Regulation Project of Jiaochangwei B&B to discuss a mode of multi-entity participation for urban renewal.


林勇华 大鹏新区建管中心

彭 俊 深圳市城市更新办公室

傅进毅 深圳市欧博工程设计顾问有限公司

马宝成 深圳市城市设计促进中心

罗建强 大鹏新区民宿行业协会

任 珏 较场尾爱黛咖啡馆

闫 坤 深圳晚报



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