On May 8, 2020, the Scheme Review Meeting for International Competition of Conceptual Design for Weiyuan Island Forest Park, Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area, organized by the Management Committee of Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area, was held in Dongguan. The jury panel was constituted by 7 invited experts from areas of urban planning & design, landscape design and architectural design. The jurors read, carried out discussion & evaluation on the schemes submitted by the 4 invited firms, and ranked the first to fourth by disclosed ballots. The result is as follows:

1st Place: Scheme No. 3, Consortium: MLA+B.V. & Guangzhou Landscape Planning and Design Institute;

2nd Place: Scheme No. 4, Consortium: Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Survey Research Institute & AECOM LTD. (Shanghai);

3rd Place: Scheme No. 1, Consortium: LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Ltd. & OKRA Landschapsarchitecten B.V.;

4th Place: Scheme No. 2, Consortium: RMJM Shanghai Architecture and Planning Design Co., Ltd. & Guangdong Urban Rural Planning and Design Institute.


Hereby announced!


Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area Management Committee

May 9, 2020

Dongguan Bianhaiwan Bay Area Management Committee

Host: Dongguan Bianhaiwan Bay Area Management Committee

Organizing agent(s) and its/their contact information:

Benecus Consultancy Limited

Contact: Mr. Zhang (for Chinese) Tel: +86 136 3160 0111

Ms. Lai (for English)     Tel: +86 135 3067 0439

Email: wydslgy@qq.com