1.Project Background 

According to the Master Plan of Shenzhen Railway Hub (2016-2030), Xili Transport Hub (hereinafter referred to as Xili Hub) represents one of the “three main hubs and four sub-centers” in Shenzhen railway passenger transport system as well as one of the most important transport infrastructure projects in Shenzhen in the near future (Fig.1-1). In order to better promote the coordination and integration of Xili Hub and the city, both the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as China Railway Corporation) agreed that the Xili Hub should carry out design and construction work based on the principle of “integrated urban-hub, transit-oriented development, convenient interchange, and deep integration”.

2.Purpose of Consultation

This international consultation will persist in the requirements of “global vision, international standard, local characteristics and high positioning” to solicit forward-looking and innovative urban design proposals from domestic and foreign excellent design institutions.

(1) Establishing a national demonstrative city of “integrated urban-hub”

(2) Planning efficient and convenient comprehensive transport organization schemes

(3) Promoting the connection and integration of urban innovation dynamism

(4) future city parlor

Work Content

This international consultation of urban design shall provide a systemic design for overall spatial framework, comprehensive transport, spatial form, public space and landscape of regional development. Specific design content shall include, but is not limited to:

  1. Plan positioning

  2. Overall space structure

  3. Functional layout

  4. Public space and landscape design

  5. Spatial form

  6. Hub architecture

  7. Comprehensive transport system

  8. Underground space

  9. Smart city and smart management technology

  10. Plan implementation

Registration Requirements

1.Invited units

After the invited candidates submit the invitation application documents as required, the hosts shall set up a professional jury to conduct comprehensive reviews on the invited candidates in accordance with their industry reputation, achievements, awards, and team members to be involved. 4 invited units (in alphabetical order by unit name) of the consultation will be selected according to the number of votes through the independent voting of the professional jury:


  • gmp International GmbH/China Architecture Design& Research Group /LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Ltd


  • Urban Planning &Design Institute of Shenzhen Co.,Ltd/ NIHON SEKKEI, INC.

2.Open application

(1)There are no qualification restrictions for the application of the international consultation, and it is open to all the design institutions with relevant design experience at home and abroad. We encourage design institutions of different specialized fields to form joint groups and the design institution (joint group) shall have at least one professional team with experience in comprehensive transport planning. All parties in the joint group may not participate in the international consultation in their own name or as members of other joint groups.

(2)Design institutions (joint groups) with following project experience will be prioritized:

  • ŸWith rich experience in the urban design of comprehensive transport hub areas;

  • ŸWith the research and design experience of key urban areas;

  • ŸWith design experience and completion cases of large-scale comprehensive transport hub architecture;

  •  ŸWith rich experience in comprehensive transport planning;

(3)Application by any individual will not be accepted by the consultation. The project team shall consist of professional personnel from multiple specialties, including urban planning, urban design, architecture design, traffic planning, etc.

(4)All the designers participating in the international consultation shall be the registered personnel of the design institutions (joint groups). The project responsible person of the international consultation must have presided over several similar projects. The project responsible person must directly participate in the whole consultation and design process from the on-site survey to the deliverables report, and carry out consultation Q&A and report deliverables as the direct reporter.

(5)According to the requirements of the bidding documents, openly applied design institutions (joint groups) shall provide prequalification materials. Prequalification materials include application materials and concept proposals. For details of the preparation requirements, please refer to Section 4 of the Consultation Rules.

(6)In the evaluation of the invited units, the unselected candidates may also participate in the open application, but shall submit the prequalification materials according to the requirements of open application.


1.Consulting Approach & Rules

The international consultation work is divided into three phases: Phase I — “prequalification”, Phase II — “urban design plan consultation”, and Phase III — “development deliverables”.

(1)Stage 1-Prequalification

Prequalification will adopt “invitation + open” approach. The hosts will send invitations to the invited units and select 4 shortlisted design institutions (joint groups) from those units; another 4 finalists will be selected among the openly applied design institutions (joint groups). The 8 shortlisted design institutions (joint groups) will participate in the urban design plan consultation of Phase II.

(2)Stage 2 –Urban design plan consultation

The hosts will organize the 8 shortlisted design institutions (joint groups) to conduct on-site survey and Q&A. After signing the confidentiality agreement, the hosts will provide detailed basic design information.

After submitting the required deliverables, the 8 design institutions (joint groups) will receive the corresponding bonus. Among the 8 design plans, 3 winning plans (not ranked) will be selected by the review experts to recommend to the hosts. After the hosts report the winning plans and experts’ review opinions to the superior administrative competent department, the final (first prize) selected design institution (joint group) will be determined ultimately.

(3)Stage 3 –Development deliverables

As the technical consulting and advisory unit of the “Xili Comprehensive Transport Hub Urban Design Project”, the selected design institution (joint group) shall develop the design deliverables together with the technical support and service units of the project. As the hosts will organize 3-4 workshops in succession (the specific number will be determined according to the reality of the project), the selected design institution (joint group) needs to dispatch project responsible persons and major designers to participate.

For further inquiries and information access , please refer to the document of “Working Rules of International Consultation on the Urban Design of Shenzhen Xili Hub Area”

2.Consultation Schedule (Tentative)




Stage I --Prequalification + Concept proposal

July 29, 2019

Issue official announcement and receive open application

Before 15:00, August 12, 2019

Submission deadline of open application documents

August 16, 2019

Announce prequalification results

Stage II -- Urban design

August 22, 2019

Q&A meeting of on-site survey

Finalists submit Confirmation Letter of Participation

August 26, 2019

- October 30, 2019

International consultation on design

It is expected that two written Q&A will be carried out during the design period (By e-mail or fax)

Before 17:00, October 31, 2019

Submit urban design plan deliverables

November 1, 2019

Review meeting of urban design plans

November 7, 2019

Announce review results

☆ All times are subject to Beijing time. The hosts reserve the right to adjust the agenda. In case of an agenda adjustment, the hosts will notify design institutions (joint groups) by e-mail.



The bonus for this consultation all is paid in RMB, and any taxes and dues generated by the bonus shall be paid by design institutions themselves (joint groups).

After the expert review, design institutions (joint groups) that meet the design requirements will acquire the following awards based on their rankings:

The first prize winner (1) will be given 4,000,000.00 yuan;

The second prize winners (2) will be given 2,800,000.00 yuan respectively;

The third prize winners (5) will be given 1,500,000.00 yuan respectively;

If design institutions participate in the competition in the name of joint design groups, the hosts will only contact and settle with the leading party of the joint group. If foreign design institutions fail to use their accounts to collect RMB, they may authorize independent legal persons in China to receive the money.

If the jury considers that the deliverables submitted by design institutions (joint groups) do not meet the depth and requirements of this consultation on design, the hosts will not pay the design bonus.

2.Deliverable integration and development compensation

The institution that wins the first prize in this international consultation will continue to participate in the subsequent development and consultation of this project. The compensation of subsequent services is 1.5 million yuan.