1Project Background

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone (hereinafter referred to as the “Cooperation Zone”), as a comprehensive platform for international science and technology innovation cooperation in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, is a new district for national offshore innovation, a new engine for innovation and development in the Greater Bay Area, a new fulcrum for further cross-border cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and a new platform for international innovation and cooperation. Located at the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the Cooperation Zone is the best connection for Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation bidirectional flow of innovation resources at home and abroad as an efficient integration of the resources. The Cooperation Zone consists of Shenzhen park and Hong Kong park. Covering an area of about 3 km2, Shenzhen Park is made of “One Center” and “Two Wings”. "One Center" refers to the comprehensive service hub to be built at the Huanggang Port area. “West Wing " is Futian Bonded Zone, which is a zone under special customs supervision and closed fence control.

Shenzhen park follows the national science and technology development strategy with a focus on basic scientific research and applied basic scientific research, and emphasizes six major industries including medical science and technology, big data and artificial intelligence, robotics, new materials technology, microelectronics and fintech. The park strives to become a important area of a comprehensive national science center. It is planned to introduce a number of national scientific research institutions and build an international research and development platform with high standards.

Shenzhen park boasts excellent landscapes. With Shenzhen river and Mai Po Nature Reserve to the south and Futian mangrove nature reserve to the west, it shoulders important responsibilities of protecting and restoring wetland ecology, improving ecological conservation capacity and protecting bird flight paths.

Figure 1: Project Location

Plot B105-0042 and Plot B105-0119, as key construction projects in the west wing, are of great significance and assume a leading role. Therefore, the plots shall be developed with “global vision, international standards and a high position” so as to live up to its exemplary role in the overall construction of the Cooperation Zone.

2 Project Location and Land Use

This project is located in Futian Bonded Zone, west wing of the Cooperation Zone within the customs fenced area. The project boundary consists of Honghua Road, Zijing Road, Shihua Road and Taohua Road. Located between the two plots, Ruixiang Road is currently a passage for entering and exiting the bonded zone. The north side of Ruixiang Road is the vehicle entrance/exit for customs inspection, which will be moved elsewhere in the long run. The land used for this project is classified as high-tech industrial land (M0). At present the land is temporarily used as a construction site of Metro Line 3.

Fig. 2: Transportation around the Site

Fig. 3: Transportation at the Site

3Situation of the Project

The overall project area is about 26,168㎡.It comprises two plots, including a west plot and a east plot. The west plot is 10,832 , and the east plot is 15,336 . The land used for this project is classified as high-tech industrial land (M0).

Gross FAR-calculated floor area is about 157,000 ㎡. It consist of about 143,000 research and development facilities (including 46,000 for laboratories), about 11,000 supporting facilities (5,000 for a conference and exhibition center plus 6,000 for commerce), and 3,500 public utilities (a 110 KV transformer substation). Besides, this project has around 33,000 of underground area, which is not involved in calculated the floor area ratio.

Work Content

1The scope of work in the tendering phase includes but is not limited to the following contents (for details, see the design brief):

1)Architectural scheme design.

2)Conceptual design for the landscape.

3)Conceptual design for main indoor spaces (including but not limited to laboratories, research and development facilities, and conference and exhibition rooms).

4)Investment estimation.

The scope of work for the winning bidder includes and is not limited to the following contents:

1)Architecture: Based on overall consideration of the design feasibility of structure, mechanical and electrical, acoustics, and curtain wall disciplines, etc., the winning bidder shall make the architectural scheme more detailed, coordinate with relevant parties to make construction application drawings and establish a BIM model of the building scheme. Architecture shall reach the depth of preliminary design.

2)Landscape: Conceptual design for the landscape.

3)Acoustics, electromechanics, and structures: In the theme design phase, the winning bidder shall ensure the rationality and feasibility of the design.

4)Curtain walls: The winning bidder shall work on the facade scheme, provide detail drawings for key facade notes, and demonstrate feasibility.

5) The winning bidder shall select outdoor and indoor materials that have a major impact on the project.

6)The winning bidder shall provide consultancy, guidance, and inspection for various disciplines, including architecture, interior design, curtain walls, landscaping, acoustics, electromechanics, and structures.

7)The winning bidder shall provide technical guidance during the construction phase.

8)Investment estimation.

Registration Requirements

1 This is an open tender, with no prerequisites on the qualifications of bidders.

2Joint group is allowed to bid, a bidding joint group shall have no more than two members, and each member of the joint group shall not further apply for the project alone or repeatedly by joining another group with other design organizations.

3Individuals or teams made up of individuals are not qualified for this open tender.


1Phase One – Application and prequalification

The prequalification phase of the project will have multiple rounds of open voting, and one bidder will be eliminated in each round. The review committee will follow the detailed prequalification rules to vote on the prequalification application documents submitted by bidders that have passed a compliance review. Five bidders will be shortlisted to enter the second phase, i.e. the competitive bidding phase. Meanwhile, two backup bidders will be chosen, with one preferred to the other. If one of the five shortlisted bidders fails to submit a bidding confirmation letter before the site survey Q&A meeting, it will forfeit its own participation, in which case the preferred backup bidder steps in as a substitute. If two of the five shortlisted bidders fail to do that, they will be replaced by the two backup bidders.

2Phase Two – Design competition

1)After bidders submit deliverables required by the design brief, the scheme evaluation committee will select two potential bid-winners through multiple rounds of open voting and elimination of one bidder in each round. The two potential winners will not be ranked. The committee will put forward optimization suggestions for the two schemes submitted by the two potential bid-winners.

2) Each bidder is allowed for only one deliverable submittal.

3Phase Three – Bid selection

In a vote-based bid selection, whichever bid winning a simple majority votes will be selected. According to "Provisions on Reform of Bidding for Construction Projects" (Shenzhen Gov. [2015] No.73), the selection committee is composed of 7 members while the supervision committee consists of 3 members. Referring to the scheme review report, the selection committee evaluates the two bid-winning candidates selected by the scheme review committee, and uses direct voting to determine a winning bidder.




Phase One

Application and prequalification

June 3, 2019(Tentative)

Issuance of prequalification notice and open for application

June 18, 2019 (before 17:00) (Tentative)

Deadline for submission of prequalification application materials

June 24, 2019 (Tentative)

Prequalification meeting

June 25-27, 2019 (Tentative)

Publish prequalification results

Phase Two

Design competition

June 28, 2019 (Tentative)

Bidders submit scanned copies of letter of participation confirmation

issuance of tender document

July 4, 2019 (Tentative)

Bidders submit original copies of Letter of participation confirmation at the site verification and Q&A meeting

July 4-August 22, 2019 (Tentative)

Written clarification

August 26, 2019 (Before 17:00) (Tentative)

Bidders submit deliverables (address for receiving deliverables will be shared in due time)

Bid opening meeting

August 27, 2019 (Tentative)

Scheme review meeting where presentations by bidders are required

Phase Three

Bid selection

September 10, 2019 (Tentative)

Bid selection meeting

September 11, 2019 (Tentative)

Announcement of bid winner

This timetable is for the convenience of bidders to understand the general process of the project. All time points are Beijing time UTC/GMT+08:00, and the actual items and time of each phase of the project shall prevail (Related information will be announced on Shenzhen Construction Project Trading Service Website). The tenderee reserves the right to adjust the timetable.


Shortlisted bidders shall quote in line with their design schemes. Their quotes shall be submitted together with their bidding documents. A quote shall not exceed CNY 36.1 million. The amount to be paid by the tenderee includes tax. The winning bidder shall provide a tax invoice issued by an authority in China.


1The tender process will selected with two candidate bidders. One of them will be picked by the bid selection committee as the winning bidder and awarded the design contract of the project, and the other will get a design compensation of CNY 1,500,000.

2Each of the other shortlisted bidders that have made it to the competitive bidding phase will get a design compensation of CNY 800,000.

3 Payment of design compensations: All design compensations will be paid in CNY, and the aforementioned figures all include tax. Bidders that are entitled to a design compensation shall sign a payment agreement and provide necessary payment application documents within one month after the winning bidder is announced (with no objections). The payment agreement and necessary payment documents will be included in the tender documents.

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