Project Background /Positioning

Qianhai Cooperation Zone is located in the west of Shekou Peninsula in the west of Shenzhen, China, on the east bank of Pearl River Estuary and at the intersection of the main axis of economic development of the Pearl River Delta and the coastal function expansion belt. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and covers an area of 14.92 km2. Shenzhen Qianhai Talent Leju Co., Ltd. positions itself as a state-owned enterprise which is specialized in talent apartment investment, construction, operation and management of Qianhai Cooperation Zone. In the future, talent apartments in the Qianhai Cooperation Zone will gradually achieved integrated operation model of "investment, construction, management and operation". This project,the Qianhai Cooperation Zone talent apartment provides business apartments and commercial housing which are self-holding properties within the 40 years of licensing period and will be included under Qianhai Cooperation Zone talent apartment management. (abbreviated as ”the Project”)

Qianhai International Apartment is positioned as high-end talent apartment, premium quality community for only lease in Guiwan. It helps Qianhai to attract international talent while serves as innovation drive force to accelerate Qianhai’s future development.

The leasing distribution entity of the built business apartments within the parcel must be legal person or unincorporated organizations whose incorporation address and actual operation address is in Qianhai Cooperation Zone. The lease distribution entity should distribute talent apartments to their workers who can conform to the qualification requirement of renting the talent apartment within Qianhai Cooperation Zone in accordance with relevant talent apartment management regulations of Qianhai Cooperation Zone.

Project Overview

1.Project location

This project is located in the intersection of Menghai Avenue and Qianwan 2nd Road. It is Menghai Avenue (trunk road, red line width of 60m, two-way six lanes) to the west of the project site; Guiwan 2nd Road (secondary trunk road, red line width of 35m, two-way four lanes) to the north; 04-05-05 public green land to the east; and the Innovation 15th Street (by-pass, dual-way two lanes) to the south of the project; Innovation 4th Street (by-pass, dual-way two lanes) goes through the project land. Menghai Avenue and Guiwan 2nd Road are existing roads. Innovation 15th Street and Innovation 4th Street are planned roads.

Project Location Diagram

2.Project Scale

The above ground building floor area is 96,000m2, and the underground building floor area is about 54,000m2. The apartment type office building (commercial apartment) is 90,000㎡ (including the property management building area of 204m2) and the commercial building is 6,000m2. Underground commercial building area 6,000㎡。Building height restriction is 180 m. Main functions include apartment, commercial and underground parking lot.

Work Content

1.Work Scope at the bidding stage includes but is not limited to

(1)Architectural Concept Design;

  • Overall function combination, organization and distribution of functional areas;

  • Building massing study per local planning requirements;

  • Site plan indicates main circulation and landscape / greenbelt;

  • Conceptual overall building image.

(2)Conceptual landscape design;

(3)Conceptual interior design

2.Work period at the design development stage after bid has been awarded is nine months, and the work scope includes but is not limited to

(1)Architecture: On the basis of taking into account as a whole the feasibility of each discipline such as the structure, mechanical, eletrical, lighting, curtain wall, wayfinding and signage, sponge city and prefabrication, the bidder should further develop the architectural concept, complete the plan check drawings, until the completion of the design development. As well as performing construction documentation review and construction administration. The bidder holds the general responsibility to control and carry out the project.

(2)Landscape concept design: Landscape concept design, to provide the key points for further development of landscape design, carry out construction drawing review and construction administration assistance;

(3)Interior schematic design: Complete the functional distribution of each floor, circulation, area and ratio; Complete apartment area, and type ratio, internal layout and exemplary suit interior design; Complete interior design of the public and retail area. Provide at least two perspective renderings for each of the following spaces; lobby, retail area and the public corridor; It shall be used as the basis for further development of interior construction drawings and carry out construction drawing review and construction administration assistance;

(4)SMEP Consultant: Ensure the rationality and feasibility of the design and provide inputs to be used for further development;

(5)Review prefabrication design;

(6)Curtain wall schematic and design deliverable: Complete facade design development, provide detail drawings of key elevations and joinery, complete curtain wall tender drawings and review curtain wall construction drawings and provide comments;

(7)Lighting concept design: Complete the lighting concept design, Ensure the rationality and feasibility of design and provide inputs to be used for further development from the perspective of architectural discipline;

(8)Wayfinding and signage design: Provide location suggestions for all signage and to be used as a basis for further development;

(9)BIM Design

3.Construction cooperation phase

(1)Responsible for the selection of major indoor and outdoor materials of the project.

(2)Responsible for drawing review during the whole design process; interior design, curtain wall, landscapes and lighting and provide review reports.

(3)Construction aesthetic supervision and material selection: on -site inspection during the construction (no limit to the number of site visits) and provide technical guidance. Provide the site inspection report; ensure the level of design completion; Selection of materials and sample boards.

(4)Other related measures to guarantee the design quality.

See details in the Design Brief.

Registration Requirements

1.This tender is open to all and has no qualification requirements. Domestic and overseas design organizations with relevant design experience may sign up and participate. This project will not accept application from any consortium.

2.Designers whom is involved in the bidding shall be registered personnel of the bidders, and the principal designer(s) must directly participate in the whole bidding process. There shall be at least one person who understands Chinese among the project team in order to guarantee an accurate understanding of the Chinese contextual background and relevant requirements.

3.Bidders shall provide the prequalification application documents as required by the Tender Document.


The tender process will be divided into Pre-qualification, Concept Design Competition and Winner Deciding stages.


(1)The Tenderee will set up a pre-qualification review committee according to law, which will consist of seven experts.

(2)The prequalification committee will select five bidders to enter the second stage of design competition according to the bidders’ prequalification application documents such as qualifications, relevant experiences, and proposed team (refer to V. Composition of Prequalification Application Documents), and also select two bidders on waitlist (ranked in order). If any of the 5 withdraw from the second stage of the competition, a bidder from the waitlist will be selected as a replacement per sequential order.

(3)The elected review chairman of the prequalification committee is decided by nomination and leads the review work, he or she has the same voting right as the other members during the review. The detailed review rules shall be determined by the prequalification committee.

2.Concept Design Competition

(1)The Tenderee will set up the scheme review committee according to law, of which the members shall include 7 domestic and overseas experts. The chairman of the scheme review committee hosts the review panel, and has the same voting right as the other members in the review committee. The detailed review rules shall be determined by the scheme review committee.

(2)Open bid will be taken place for this round of review. Bidders are required to give on-site presentation (the principal designers of the bidder will present the scheme and answer jury’s questions. Requirements on presentation details will be notified at once to all bidders). Any problems raisen and disputes generated from review shall be discussed by the review committee and decided by the chairman.

3.Winner Deciding

A bid selection committee shall be established by the tenderee to determine the winner from the 3 candidates recommended by the scheme review committee.

See details in the Pre-qualification Document

Tendering Schedule




First stage

Application and prequalification

May 10th, 2019

The prequalification announcement is released, and the application process begins.

May 17th, 2019

Query Deadline

May 21th, 2019, by 17:00

Formal answers to the queries release

May 24th, 2019, by 17:00

End of prequalification application documents submission

May 27th, 2019-June 6th , 2019

Prequalification review meeting and result announcing

June 7th, 2019-June 10th, 2019

The bidder should submit both the sealed/chopped original and the electronic scanning copy of the Letter of Confirmation.

Stage II

Design competition phase


June 11th , 2019

Formal bid invitation documents and detailed Design Brief are released.

July 1st, 2019

Interim Presentation

July 8th 2019

Query Deadline

July 12th , 2019

Deadline of enquiries to design contract clauses

August 12th ,2019

Bidders to submit deliverables

August 19th , 2019

Design scheme review meeting

August 30th , 2019

Bid winner deciding

  • All the time mentioned is GMT+8. The tenderee reserves the right to adjust the schedule.

  • Tenderee will not organize site survey


The First place: Commission the contract or reimburse RMB 2 million

The Second place: RMB 1.8 million

The Third place: RMB 1.5 million

The Fourth place: RMB 1 million

The Fifth place: RMB 1 million

  • Payment of the Bid Compensation and relevant expenses

The bid compensation will be paid in RMB. All the bid compensation mentioned above include taxes. Bidders obtaining the bid compensation should provide withdrawing materials and an agreement should be inked. The bid compensation should be handled after completion of bid acceptance publicity (without objection). The bid compensation should be paid by the tenderee.

  • Miscellaneous

Bidders should bear all expenses for participating in this tender (including the travel and accommodation expenses). If the scheme assessment committee decided that the deliverables submitted by any bidder fail to meet the depth and requirements of this tender, the Tenderee will not pay the bid compensation.


(1)The upper limit of the total design fee of this project is temporarily set to be RMB 42 million.

(2)The total design fee includes: architecture design development, landscape concept design, interior schematic design, SMEP, prefabrication design review , curtain wall schematic and design development, lighting concept design, wayfinding and signage design, BIM design, construction administration coordination, overall design coordination fee, etc. (see Design Brief for details)



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