Luohu District is the earliest urban district in Shenzhen. Most of the middle and primary schools in the district were built in the 1990s and have been in use for over two decades. With the urban development and population surge, people are also having higher requirements for education. Faced with the new education development trend, the old academic buildings, obsolete supporting facilities, huge amount of potential safety hazards and seriously undersupplied school places are far from meeting people’s needs.

As response to the district party committee and district government’s action plan of “identifying and making up defects for people’s wellbeing”, the Design for Tomorrow - Open Call of Luohu District for Campus Design Concept(s) (“the Open Call”) is hereby launched to change the generally poor construction and design of primary and secondary schools in Luohu District.

Design Principles

In consideration of the high-density built urban area in Luohu District, this Open Call, by soliciting campus design concepts, invites excellent architect offices and architecture expert teams from renowned domestic colleges and universities to profoundly interact with the education circle and citizens, discussing how to innovate and upgrade the architectural spaces and environment of new schools within an intensive land use context, and in doing so, enhance the design innovation, set up a new benchmark of campus design and improve the overall campus design expertise in the district.

The design principles include:

  1. Ensure intensive land use, reasonable layout, flexible and diverse spaces in consideration of the schools’ actual needs;
  2. Attach importance to the practical functions of campus buildings and use reasonable and economical structures and materials;
  3. Ensure modern and concise architecture styles to reflect the culture of schools;
  4. Foster ecological, environmental-friendly and comfortable campus environments to enhance the learning atmosphere;
  5. Ensure students’ health and safety in light of the characteristics of students’ learning and living;
  6. Pay attention to the relationships with surrounding urban environments to ensure smooth transportation;
  7. Provide advanced and future-proof solution in consideration of the future trend of education;
  8. Maximize the school places to ease the pressure of short supply.

Work Content

This Open Call covers three schools in Luohu District, namely Guiyuan Middle School, Dongxiao Campus of Cuiyuan Middle School and Dongchang Primary School. Currently, the common problems shared by the three schools are outdated school buildings, urgent demand for more school places, improvement of teaching facilities etc. Please refer to the Design Brief for project details. The three schools are three independent projects. Each design firm can select 1 to 3 schools to participate in the Open Call.

Registration Requirements

This open call sets no requirements for qualification and both domestic and foreign design firms can register for participation. Registration by individuals will not be accepted.

To extensively leverage on the design expertise of maximum sources, the Open Call accepts registrations from all interested design firms who may register for participation via the official registration pathway according to the relevant procedures.


The Expert Committee will firstly confirm the validity of the design proposals submitted by the shortlisted design firms, then evaluate and rank the valid ones to determine the winners of the First Prize, the Second Prize and the Third Prize for each school. The bonuses are as follows:

The First Prize (1 winner): RMB 500,000

The Second Prize (1 winner): RMB 200,000

The Third Prize (3 winners): RMB 100,000 for each and in total RMB 300,000

All winners will receive a certificate of honor issued by the district government.

All winning proposals will be submitted to the district government for deliberation and determination of the final implementation proposal for each school.

Luohu District of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government

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Co-Organizer: Government Investment Project Prophase Office of Shenzhen Luohu District

Support: Shenzhen Luohu Educational Bureau

Organizing Consultant: Shenzhen Center for Design (Shenzhen Public Art Center)

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