Houhai Central Area in Shenzhen, as an important node and international innovative portal of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area, has achieved considerable development in recent years. It will assume important functions of a central area and play an important role as an urban gateway in expressing the image of Nanshan District, becoming an international-level and high-standard urban central area. Shenzhen Bay Square is a cultural exchange place with themes of science, culture, and art. Based on the axis of Yihu Fifth Street (Bay Street East Extension), it possesses Shenzhen Bay Plaza and public shoreline of Talent Park as core resources, forming an important public place to show the image of Houhai District. Through combination of public spaces, perfection of functions, optimization of transportation systems and etc., a public space system and public life mode with features of Houhai district will be constructed, allowing Shenzhen Bay Square to be a significant carrier which demonstrates both an image of international coastal city and cultural confidence in an open-mind and broad marine civilization.

Shenzhen Bay Square is located in Houhai Area of Nanshan district. The overall design area is bounded by 3rd Haide Avenue, Dengliang Road, Central Road and Yijing 2nd Road Section.

The official announcement of the competition will be issued lately. Please pay attention that contents and details of the competition are subject to the official announcement. The host is responsible for interpreting this document and the interpretation language shall prevail in Chinese.

Work Content

1. Conceptual urban design of Shenzhen Bay Plaza (a total area of 36 hectares as shown blow.)

Contents of design include city image, functional layout, public space, transportation system, architectural style, underground space and regional coordination.

2. Planning of commercial cultural facilities and architectural design of iconic buildings (a total area of 15 hectares as shown below)

Design contents must include general layout study, architectural layout, building capacity research, architectural image, building materials, architectural color, functional streamlines, public space, landscape design, traffic system, and underground space.

Registration Requirements

The competition is open for the world. Independently registered design entities all around the world with relevant design experience can register to the competition. There is no qualification limit at the registration stage, allowing applications of consortiums. While registration is not accepted in the name of an individual.

Bureau of Public Works of Nanshan District

Bureau of Public Works of Nanshan District

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