1. Introduction

Shenzhen New Marine City (the peninsula area of Shenzhen Airport New Town) is one of the few potential urban areas in Shenzhen that bears the national strategy for incremental development after Qianhai was planned. It is located in the northwest of the Shenzhen Airport New Town. The site starts at the estuary of Maozhou River in the north, and the east part is in proximity to the International Exhibition Center. The south edge is close to the first phase of Bao’an comprehensive port area, and the west end is near Jiaoyi Sha. The planned area of Shenzhen New Marine City is about 7.44 km².

In order to deliver the strategic value and high-quality development, the organizers, Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (Municipality Oceanic Administration of Shenzhen) and Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Group runs an urban design competition for Shenzhen New Marine City. This open call aims at international vision, prospective thinking and innovative design that will guide a high-quality plan and high-standard development for the area.

2. Work Content

In consideration of the strategic requirements of national, regional and municipal marine developments, the international urban design competition needs to establish a clear developmental vision and position based on local characteristics and international perspectives. It requires to carry out the research mainly on regional connection, spatial structure, functional zones, spatial morphology, green ecology, integrated transportation and other aspects, to develop an overall spatial framework for “land and sea planning, industry and city integration, innovation clusters, excellence in quality, and ecological sustainability”. The urban design scheme should be innovative and operational, fully displaying the highlights such as marine ecology, marine industry, marine culture, coastal landscape and so on. The result will frame a design guideline for the planning works in the next step.

3. Time Arrangement

This international competition includes two stages: the first one is "request for prequalification and concept" and the second one is "request for design proposal". The stage one is an international open call, and the expert committee will review the submissions and prequalify the design teams. Six teams will be shortlisted to the second stage.

After 6 shortlists submitted the final design works in accordance with the competition regulations, a review meeting will be organized. The experts and the organizer representatives will form a review committee to rank the design works submitted by the shortlists.

Specific arrangement are as below:




Stage One

Early March, 2018

Release pre-annoucement of international competition

Early April, 2018

Release the design brief and competition regulations

Early May, 2018

Submission of prequalification documents and design concepts; deadline of enrollment

Mid May, 2018

Review the prequalification entries; select 6 teams as shortlist

Stage Two

Early June, 2018

Site visti, Q&A and design workshop for discussing the design requirements of the second stage

Late August, 2018

Submission of the final design proposals

Late August, 2018

Review meeting of final design proposals

Septemeber, 2018

Annoucement of the competition result

Note: All the time and dates are shown in Beijing Time. The organizer and co-organizer reserves the right of changing the schedule.

4. Prize

The review committee will rank the 6 shortlists in sequence. The winners will receive the prizes as bellow:

The First Prize: ¥5,000,000

The Second Prize: ¥2,400,000

The Third Prize: ¥1,600,000

The Forth to Sixth Prize: ¥1,200,000

Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (Oceanic Administration of Shenzhen Municipality)

Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (Oceanic Administration of Shenzhen Municipality)

Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Group CO., LTD.

Technical Support:
Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen

Organizing Consultant: 
Shenzhen Center for Design (Shenzhen Public Art Center)