The site selection of the SMALL & SMART DESIGN COMPETITION 3.0 is Longling community. The competition hopes to solicit a design solution for public space that meets the needs of the residents, addresses the existing environmental issues, and improves the living environment of the community through open recruitment. And this design solution will be implemented with the help of the designer, the organizer, and the sub-district office of the community, so as to truly serve the people. This competition also serves as a platform on which the young designers can participate in and contribute to small projects with socialization and livelihood characteristics, so that the voices of the residents can be heard, and at the same time the person in charge of the governmental small projects can collect solutions with high quality through this competition.

The project base for this competition is Longling Community, Buji Street. The total area of the community is 0.327 square kilometers, and its population is about 13,431, predominated by flowing population. Longling Community is a mixed community, in which Longling New Village is an urban village, Longling Villa is a garden-style community, Ronghua Building, Xiangfalou Building and their neighboring region form the most prosperous commercial area of Buji Street, a densely populated street where rests the bus station of Buji Hospital. The community includes Longgang Second People's Hospital, Longling Junior High School, Longling School, Dabao Kindergarten, Dongsheng Primary School, Huiyang Hotel and other large enterprises and institutions.

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