Future + Toy Design Workshop


Course Description
The main purpose of the Toy Design course is to develop skills of the participants in toy comprehension, conception, design and manufacturing.

The opening lectures will explain the importance and complexity of toy design through the most meaningful toys of the 19th and 20th centuries. The conceptual framework around the definition of play activity and the consumption of toys will be discussed as well.
The practical part of the course will challenge the participants to design a toy and to produce a real prototype. Starting with a conceptual idea (toys as a reproduction of a part of society), physical experience (toys as sensorial artifact), shapes or colors (toys as a visual experience), materials, rules or mechanisms (toys as an intellectual experience), ages or customers profiles, participants will develop a toy using different techniques. During this period toy examples will be presented in order to explain each category of designing method.
The designing process will start with representation of the idea through handmade sketches and models. After that, a prototype will be produced in wood, foam, cardboard, or other material, depending on the toy’s features. In this phase manufacturing problems will be discussed concerning market and customers in order to understand how to approach production and selling operations. Finally, the prototypes will be completed with a packaging design and, where necessary, an instruction manual (two aspects that, sometimes, are as important as the toy itself).

Course Collaborators
FAUP, A+E Design

Course Leader

Professor Marco Ginoulhiac
University of Porto, Portugal
Visiting professor at the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia
Member of the Master in Architecture Scientific Commission at FAUP
Editorial board member of the editorial review Resdomus
Organized a design competition under a protocol between FAUP and Mattel Company for a new Barbie house design

Language: English (with Chinese translation)
Maximum number of participants: 15 people.
Classes take place Monday to Friday usually 6 to 8 teaching hours a day.

Course Fees
The workshop is free of charge and provides basic material and tools.

How to Participate
Please send an expression of interest and CV to hsy@szdesigncenter.org by 27 November, 2015.
Participants need basic artistic skills.The successful participants will receive their Certificate of Attendance.

About Future+
Rooted within Shenzhen’s innovative environment, and based upon
the academic network built from 5 editions of UABB in the last 10 years,
Future + is derived from the UABB School and establishes itself as a SUSTAINABLE THINK – TANK. Future + already offered courses like A course: Alternatives for Low Carbon City and Life, B course: How to Build a Global Brand, C course: City Maker and Digital Tools, D course: Design Thinking and Systematic Thinking, F course: Farm Think etc. And more interesting courses are coming.

Future + Collaborators
Columbia University, the University of Hong Kong, Harvard University,
University of Cincinnati, Syracuse University, INTI, ZHDK, IAAC, University of Porto, UABB, SCD, etc.

Linking society, business, and creativity
-to drive innovative thinking
-to broadcast sustainable values
-to educate and promote innovative methodology
-to combine practice and research
-to cultivate future creative leaders

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