International Competition Results Announcement for the Cloud City Shenzhen Bay (Mega City)


The assessment for the international competition of the Cloud City Shenzhen Bay (Mega City) was conducted on 13th -14th June 2014. Eight winning schemes were selected through careful review and multi-round of selection by the review committee. After careful consideration and based on full respects to assessment results gathered by the experts, the organizer has confirmed the prizes and winners as follows,

1st  Prize Winner: Nill

2nd  Prize Winner (2 spots):

● Design work Emerging Sci-Garden City by Shenzhen Huahui Design Co., Ltd

● Design work Cloud Citizens by China Reconstruct + Urban Future Orgnisation Scandinavia AB (design consortium)

3rd  Prize Winner (6 spots)

● Design work The City of Breeze, by Archi-Union + Arup (design consortium)

● Design work Die Jia Cheng Shi, by Dai Bojun (Lian’an International Architectural Design Co., Ltd.)

● Design work Living City&Singularity Architecture, by Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd.

● Design work Super Eco-smart Metabolic City, by Shenzhen Aode Yingchuang Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

● Design work Chao Ji Fang Ti, by Zhu Wenyi (School of Architecture, Tsinghua University)

● Design work Xtremendous, by Shenzhen Danyuan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

The above design works are the winning schemes of this international competition rather than the final schemes for execution. The organizer will carefully summarize the design ideas and elements reflected in the participating schemes of this competition to formulate the Cloud City’s (Mega City) design guidelines for future work. This execution scheme for this project will need further consideration and shall be implemented after approval by the statutory procedures.

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